18 September 2012

Troegs Wet Hop Citra Scratch Ale Coming Soon


I’ve been watching all morning as the fresh Citra hop shipment have been arriving at various breweries.  I’m excited to show off a photo from our pal John Trogner showing off some of the 400lbs of fresh Citra they received…and according to Troegs it is heading for a new fresh hop Scratch beer soon.

07 September 2012

Troegs Scratch #76 “Special HOPS” Coming Today

Some great info on Troegs Scratch #76 “Special HOPS” coming today from Troegs:

We’re excited to announce the release Scratch #76 – Special HOPS today! Special HOPS is an Imperial Red Ale brewed especially for the HydroWorx Underwater Marathon event to be held on Sunday, September 9 to benefit The Eagle Fund. Just like the highly-trained military units used for unconventional, often high-risk missions, Special HOPS is bold, aggressive and sure to sabotage your senses and bombard your palate with hop bitterness. Special HOPS is currently available on draft in our Tasting Room via pints and growler fills, as well as in single bottles, six-packs and cases in our General Store.

Other Scratch beers in the works include a pumpkin beer brewed with pumpkins roasted in-house, and a wet hop ale featuring hops delivered straight to the brewery and used immediately in order to retain the fresh hop oils that give the beer its olfactory sensory overload!

For details on Scratch # 73 & the next Full Moon Firkin…clicky here.

05 September 2012

Troegs Full Moon Firkin Tappings (Video)

From Troegs:

1) Tröegs employee Sean Grant taps a firkin of Perpetual IPA at the inaugural Full Moon Firkin tapping.
2) Dave Vogelsong taps a firkin of Perpetual IPA at the inaugural Full Moon Firkin tapping