16 August 2012

Troegs Scratch #73–Fest Lager Available Today (Naked Elf Too)

It must be fall…Troegs Scratch # 73 Fest Lager is available on draft, six-packs & cases at the brewery today.

As a belated notice…Naked Elf is now available at the brewery too.  Naked Elf is a version of Mad Elf that leaves out the Cherries, Chocolate Malt & honey so try it for yourself.  It’s 8% ABV and 16 IBU…details of Naked Elf:

Pils, Munich, Crystal, Special B
This barley blend unveils are light chestnut derived from the Munich and Special B Malts.

German Northern Brewers, Magnum
Hops add no noticeable bitterness and merely serve as a balance to the sweetness of the malts.

House Belgian
Strong spice and fruity overtones dominate this beer.

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