29 May 2012

Troegs Perpetual IPA Coming June 4th (Year-Round)


We brought you the news of Troegs Perpetual IPA becoming a year-round beer….and now it’s exciting to see the bottles coming off the line with a release date of 6/4.  These look like 12oz bottles and we did sample this live on the radio with John Trogner.

25 May 2012

Troegs - Biere de Grouch Ale & Kolsch-Style

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This is one of the Troegs Scratch Showdown brews for Uncle Jack and the 2nd one is Kolsch-Style Ale. Original details here and the video here.

24 May 2012

Troegs - Snack Bar Coming Along


Thanks to Matt for passing along a photo of the progress of the new Troegs Snack Bar.  I think this will be a great addition to the tasting room.  More details here.

23 May 2012

Troegs Scratch Beer Showdown - Cousin Lew vs Uncle Jack (Video)

We brought you the news here…and now this from Troegs:

We invited two beer writers to each come and brew a beer of their choice on our scratch system here at Tröegs. Lew Bryson and Jack Curtin go head to head in this Scratch Beer Showdown.

Lew worked hand in hand with Jeff Musselman to come up with the recipe for his Zwickel Licker an unfiltered Dortmunder Export Lager. Jack snuck in the brewery in the cover of darkness and blindfolded Tim Mayhew while he brewed his Biere de Grouch with a secret ingredient.

Sunday, June 3rd 2012 from 5-9pm at Standard Tap in Philly we will be celebrating Philly Beer Week and sampling these labors of love.

Featuring the voice of Scott Palmer.

22 May 2012

Troegs / Victory / Nodding Head / Sly Fox / Stoudt’s / Iron Hill –Brotherly Sudds


Up today we have the keg approval for the Philly Beer Week Brotherly Sudds…brewed @ Troegs with Victory, Nodding Head, Sly Fox, Stoudt’s & Iron Hill.  This year’s version is a Vienna-Style Lager using Kolsch yeast and more details on the brewing can be found here.

16 May 2012

It’s Official–Troegs Perpetual IPA Goes Year Round


We brought you the leaked news but now this from Troegs:

It's official! Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale will be available in all Tröegs markets by mid-June as a year-round beer.

“With the opening of the new brewery and increased production capabilities we’ve wanted to start adding beer to our line-up since opening in October 2011,” said Chris Trogner. “In early March we finally caught up with customer demand and we are excited to finally add a new year-round beer to our roster.”

Perpetual IPA utilizes our hopback and dry-hopping to engineer a bold Imperial Pale Ale. Perpetual IPA is 7.5% ABV and 85 IBUs. It features Bravo, Chinook and Mt. Hood hops in the boil, Mt. Hood and Nugget hops in the hopback and Citra, Cascade and Nugget hops during the dry-hop stage.

09 May 2012

Troegs Heading To CA For National TV Show Taping

No details on this one but apparently our pal John Trogner is heading to northern California to visit Russian River & to tape a national TV show.  Since American Idol is just about over, I’d say it’s probably a Beer show.

07 May 2012

Philly Beer Week–Brotherly Sudds Brewing Today @ Troegs


Here’s a peek courtesy of Troegs with John Trogner & Bill from Victory Brewing getting ready for the mash.  The group included members from Troegs, Victory, Nodding Head, Sly Fox, Stoudts & Iron Hill.

05 May 2012

Troegs Scratch # 64 Helles Lager Today!



From Troegs:

SCRATCH #64-2012 – Helles

As if you needed another excuse to put off hosing down the patio furniture and taming the lawn, Scratch 64 is a cannonball jump into the pool of refreshment. Authentic to the style of an everyday German lager, this Helles is brilliantly clear and absolutely golden.

At 4.8% ABV, Scratch 64 can be enjoyed glass after glass, leaving the yard work forgotten well after the sun sets from an afternoon of enjoying this balanced, refreshing lager.

01 May 2012

Troegs - What is Flying Mouflan? Ask SIRI

Grab a beer and suck on it….Troegs Flying Mouflan…available in the general store TODAY!  (5/1)

Troegs – Flying Mouflan Coming Today & Lew Bryson Scratch


Just a few photos courtesy of Troegs today showing Flying Mouflan coming off the bottling line & heading to the general store today, and my cousin Lew Bryson (or “Brew Lyson” as I’m calling him today) mashing in his upcoming Scratch beer with Moose & John.