23 February 2012

Troegs Scratch # 58 Triple Mango IPA Homebrew Contest Winners is Out

imageScratch # 58 Triple Mango IPA was just put on tap at Troegs.  This is a tap-only small batch release so get it while you can.  Details here form Troegs:

Just tapped! Scratch #58 is collaboration between Tröegs brewers along with Troy Gadbury and Brad Moyer, winners of a homebrew contest sponsored by Al’s of Hampden. This Triple Mango IPA is bold, brazen and over-the-top. Unfiltered and highly-carbonated (for killer hop burps), Scratch 58 measures in at 125 IBU’s and 10.8% ABV. With a spicy mango nose and an intense overripe grapefruit flavor, we recommend this beer as the grand finale to your day as it overwhelms even the most-hoppy beers.

Maris Otter provides an earthy flavor with strong hints of biscuit and is the predominant barley taste in this beer.

Columbus dry-hopping creates a strong herbaceous flavor, while the entire hop blend screams grapefruit with pine and floral accents.

Wildflower Honey, Cane Sugar, Alphonso Mangoes
Alphonso Mangoes create a luscious aroma and spicy complement to Columbus and Simcoe hops. Honey and cane sugar provide additional fermentable sugar for this high ABV brew.

It is a small batch and will not be bottled. No growler fills.

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