07 February 2012

Troegs Scratch # 57 Weizenbock TODAY!

imageYep it’s a Weizenbock with Cocoa & berries and it’s available today (2/7)!  The details from Troegs:

Scratch #57 is brewed with two cocoa powder varieties and two kinds of berries to create a tart twist on a classic German style. Unfiltered and carbonated to a near-champagne finish, the beer is 7.9% ABV. 
Fermented in our open-top fermentation room, the yeast gives hints of pepper and clove designed to complement the fruit flavors.

The cocoa powders add bitterness and some mouthfeel; the boysenberries and raspberries provide a tart, dry finish and the vanilla yields a subtle, sweet finish to the beer.
Now on tap and available in bottles!

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