23 February 2012

Troegs Nugget Nectar 2012 Update–SEPA-Yes, eBay-Yes, PA-Yes, NEPA-NO

I get so many questions this time of year regarding the whereabouts of Troegs Nugget Nectar, I thought I’d provide an update.  Before anyone thinks differently, I DO want to thank John, Chris, Ed & everyone @ Troegs for how they handled the Nugget Nectar 2012 release.  I was really pleased to see all of the information they put out on Facebook and their website and I think that was very helpful this year.

Unfortunately, after Nugget Nectar left the brewery it’s become somewhat of a game of Where’s Waldo.  Let me preface this by saying that it’s a rapidly changing situation.  By the time you read this, things probably have change already…but what I can tell you:

Nugget Nectar was officially released at the brewery on Tuesday 2/21, and while it somehow found it’s way into Southeastern PA on Friday 2/17, most official releases occurred on 2/21.  I can confirm that Nugget Nectar bottles & kegs are available to the public in most of Southeastern PA, in all of the Westy’s accounts out toward State College, as far north as Massachusetts & NY.  I’m frustrated to also confirm it is not only being sold on eBay but someone is actually selling an entire case!

I’m equally frustrated to report that Northeastern PA has yet to see a drop.  While I expect this will change, I will be very curious to hear the explanation for how an account just over 1-hour away from Troegs is behind Philly, NY and Massachusetts to have Nugget Nectar actually hit the shelves.

I know Nugget Nectar for PA left the brewery days ago…so OK NEPA….Where’s Waldo?

Troegs Scratch # 58 Triple Mango IPA Homebrew Contest Winners is Out

imageScratch # 58 Triple Mango IPA was just put on tap at Troegs.  This is a tap-only small batch release so get it while you can.  Details here form Troegs:

Just tapped! Scratch #58 is collaboration between Tröegs brewers along with Troy Gadbury and Brad Moyer, winners of a homebrew contest sponsored by Al’s of Hampden. This Triple Mango IPA is bold, brazen and over-the-top. Unfiltered and highly-carbonated (for killer hop burps), Scratch 58 measures in at 125 IBU’s and 10.8% ABV. With a spicy mango nose and an intense overripe grapefruit flavor, we recommend this beer as the grand finale to your day as it overwhelms even the most-hoppy beers.

Maris Otter provides an earthy flavor with strong hints of biscuit and is the predominant barley taste in this beer.

Columbus dry-hopping creates a strong herbaceous flavor, while the entire hop blend screams grapefruit with pine and floral accents.

Wildflower Honey, Cane Sugar, Alphonso Mangoes
Alphonso Mangoes create a luscious aroma and spicy complement to Columbus and Simcoe hops. Honey and cane sugar provide additional fermentable sugar for this high ABV brew.

It is a small batch and will not be bottled. No growler fills.

16 February 2012

Troegs Beertography Contest

imageThis from Troegs:

Get your cameras ready! Tröegs and Beertography have teamed up for the newest beertography contest. Get out there and take some beertography of Tröegs beers. Win some Tröegs gear! See the Beertography blog post for more details. Here are the rules:

1. All submissions must be emailed to beertography@gmail.com with the subject line Beertography Contest before 11:59pm on Thursday March 1st.
2. All ...photo submissions must somehow feature Tröegs Brewery in order to be considered. We're looking for a combination of most creative along with best photography here.
3. Winner will be determined by Likes on Tröegs's Facebook Page.

Please Note: Your photo submission does NOT have to feature Nugget Nectar. It can feature any of the Tröegs beers, although if you're anything like me you'll be purchasing some NN within the next 2 weeks anyway!

07 February 2012

Troegs Scratch # 57 Weizenbock TODAY!

imageYep it’s a Weizenbock with Cocoa & berries and it’s available today (2/7)!  The details from Troegs:

Scratch #57 is brewed with two cocoa powder varieties and two kinds of berries to create a tart twist on a classic German style. Unfiltered and carbonated to a near-champagne finish, the beer is 7.9% ABV. 
Fermented in our open-top fermentation room, the yeast gives hints of pepper and clove designed to complement the fruit flavors.

The cocoa powders add bitterness and some mouthfeel; the boysenberries and raspberries provide a tart, dry finish and the vanilla yields a subtle, sweet finish to the beer.
Now on tap and available in bottles!

03 February 2012

Troegs Nugget Nectar Arrives Feb 16th-24th--Rugged Trail, Chocolate Berry Weizenbock Scratch, Triple Mango IPA &

Troegs13Oct 2011 033

From Troegs Facebook Page:

In Nugget Nectar news …our wholesalers will receive drops between Feb 16th and Feb 24th. You should begin seeing it in stores after that. We hope to have it on tap in the tasting room on February 20th.

Today in the tasting room we will be releasing a small batch of Rugged Trail Nut Brown Ale on tap around 2-3 pm. It was brewed on the scratch system and will not be bottled. The Chocolate Berry Weizenbock Scratch beer will be packaged early in the week of Feb 6th. The Triple Mango IPA is scheduled to be released around Mar 1st.