18 October 2011

Troegs Hershey (aka T2) - Part 4!

Troegs13Oct 2011 055We brought you Troegs Hershey (aka T2) Part1, Part2 and Part3…and I promised the if you helped me get over 100 LIKES on the new mybeerbuzz.com official Facebook Fan Page, I’d post even more exclusive Troegs content….well here it is!

The guys were nice enough to give be a behind-the-scenes peek at the brewery that isn’t part of the standard tour.  Above you get a peek into the new 100bbl brewing system, complete with the Troegs13Oct 2011 006BrauKon & NEW Troegs logos.  The level of detail on this system is amazing, and I suspect the beers that come out of it will be amazing as well.

Up next is the bar area complete with a cooler filled with Hank’s Root Beer and Troegs13Oct 2011 015some of their chilled glassware.  Yes the new glasses are cool and yes they will eventually be selling them.  As you can see they were just hanging the tap-list chalk board and I also thought you’d want a peek at the 15bbl Scratch brewing system chalkboard too.

Troegs13Oct 2011 033 Troegs13Oct 2011 030 Troegs13Oct 2011 029 Troegs13Oct 2011 044
The new brewery is filled with all sorts of Troegs brewing artwork, and as you the pictures show, when I was there they were still being hung.  There were paintings for Mad Elf, Dreamweaver, HopBack, Dead Reckoning, Troegenator and of course Nugget Nectar.
Troegs13Oct 2011 059
Finally for today, here’s a view looking down into the taproom from the top of the 100bbl brewing system scaffold.  As you can see the BrauKon guys were still fine-tuning the system….and hey there’s Troeg’s Massachusetts rep Jason below at the bar.

Lots more photos to come…so lets see if we can get the LIKE total on the new mybeerbuzz.com Official Facebook Fan Page up over 500!!

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