21 October 2010

Troegs–Scratch, Splinter & Perpetual Imperial Pale Ale

With all the exciting new beers coming out of Troegs lately, I thought you’d want to see a little sneak peek at some of the labels.

In order we have Wild Elf Ale from the Splinter Series, the upcoming Scratch Series White Ale (brewed with spices) and a REAL interesting beverage that I’m still chasing down details on called Perpetual IPA. This looks like hopback’d & dry-hopped IPA (“we’ve developed a drive to meld artisanal and mechanical. Perpetual IPA utilized our hopback & dry-hopping to engineer a bold Imperial Pale Ale”) DO make note that they are calling it am Imperial Pale Ale and not India Pale Ale. Look for this to be in 22oz bottles.


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