23 October 2009

Troegs Scratch # 24

TroegsScratchLimited details at this point…but SCRATCH 24 – Van de Hoorn Available Today (10/23)---Belgian Pale Ale (Troegenator with Belgian yeast).

09 October 2009

Troegs Mad Elf 2009 is Out!

Hard to believe but the 22oz bombers are starting to show up in stores…TroegsMadElf

From Troegs:

Mad Elf Release Dates
The holidays are right around the corner and Mad Elf will start arriving at stores towards the end of October. Below are list of dates that packages will start to be shipped throughout our territory:
*October 1st: 22 ounce bottles
*October 12th: 12 ounce bottles (6pks)
*November 1st: Mad Elf Gift Pack (includes 1 22oz. bottle and chalice)
*November 10th: 101 ounce bottle
*December 1st: Kegs