15 July 2009

Tröegs Scratch # 21 – Released !

TroegsScratchTroegs has released their Scratch #21 Artisnal Ale today!

O.G.:               22
A.B.V.:            7.8%
I.B.U.’s:          16
Malt:               Pils, Munich, Crystal
Yeast:             Belgian
Hops:              German Northern Brewers, Czech Saaz
Scratch #21-2009 is an exercise in deconstruction and minimalism. This Belgian Ale has distinct roots in The Mad Elf minus some key components.
The cherries? Gone.
The honey? Gone.
The chocolate malt? Gone.
Wait, this sounds familiar. It almost sounds like a naked version of The Mad Elf.
Coming in just under 8% ABV, this unfiltered golden beauty shows off the pronounced yeast flavor that made The Mad Elf famous as well as a touch of alcohol and some mellow malt flavors.

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