18 June 2009

Troegs Scratch # 20 - Stinky Grapefruit

Scratch #20-2009: Apollo Imperial Ale
O.G.: 18.5 Plato
A.B.V.: 7%
I.B.U.'s: 115
Malt: Pils, Munich, Crystal
Yeast: House Ale Yeast
Kettle Hops: Apollo, Warrior, Palisade, Amarillo
Hopback: Apollo, Columbus

Scratch #20 has been dubbed Apollo Imperial Ale because of our experimentation with a new hop variety.Apollo hops are high alpha acid with an intense aroma. Married with other high alpha hops, with almost two pounds of hops added per barrel produced, AIA has an intense staying power in the back of the throat. After a long discussion between Chris, John and the brewers, they dubbed this hop flavor stinky grapefruit with a hint of perfume. The dark color might lead you to believe the some malt may shine through; but no, the hops are the true player in this ale.Scratch #20 serves a dual purpose since it will also appear as The Drafting Room's Anniversary Ale for 2009. We brewed a bit more to serve the brewery and The Drafting Room, but get it while when you see it. Before this intense hop flavor subsides, this beer will be sold out.