14 April 2008

Scratch beer news release from Tröegs

News release from Tröegs...

Scratch Beer Update: #11-2008 Details and #10-2008 Waiting in the Wings

Keep on your toes; we are switching the release order of the next two Scratch Beers.

Next up, we present Scratch Beer #11-2008, a Bitter. We used to brew a little number called Tröegs ESB. Even though this beer was retired almost six years ago, we still get numerous Tröegs old-schoolers begging for its return.

Well hang onto your boot straps because Scratch #11 is about as close as we can get to the original ESB without firing up the old brew kettle. The Scratch #11 recipe originates from Chris' stint at England's University of Sunderland brewing program. After returning to Colorado the brothers drew on Chris' experience and brewed pilot batches tweaking that recipe. The ESB production recipe has direct bloodlines to these pilot batches.

So to all you ESB freaks (Martha) out there--sit back, relax and enjoy. Scratch #11-2008 was made just for you. And to answer the ever-asked question: No, we won't be making ESB again. Here are ingredient details:

Original Gravity - 13 Plato
ABV - 4.9%
IBUs - 48
Malts - Dark Crystal, Roasted Barley, Extra Special Malt
Hops - East Kent Golding, Williamette, Chinook
Yeast - Thames Valley ale yeast

Scratch #10-2008 is waiting in the wings and is ready to go as soon as we move some Scratch #11 out the door. We expect to start selling #10 in late April.

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